Saturday, July 27, 2013

Starting a new journey today!

Good Afternoon!

I am starting a new journey today and I am excited!  I'm so excited about it that I wanted to invite you along... and perhaps you'll take your own journey too.

Ms. Sherry from Paintin Place Decorative Art Studio  has started a new page on Facebook called Design Your Life!  It just started today so get in on the beginning and get started.  This is how Ms. Sherry explained the start:

Hi Everyone. My name is Ms.Sherry. I teach art classes here on the Jersey Shore. Through my teachings I have met and seen so many testimonials on how many people aren't following their passions, and once they start their whole life changes and falls into place. Design Your LIFE!!!! start here with us today.

Today's first assignment and my response:

I really wanted to write "PAINT" three times; paint inside, paint outside, paint anywhere!  But sometimes  I try to seem normal.  But paint is highlighted because that is my passion.  After that Ms. Sherry suggested a notebook to keep during this journey, so I grabbed a sketch book and used a 'paint pen' to mark the cover:

DESIGN your LIFE with Ms. Sherry

After adding my list to my book, I made another list of 5 things I want to do to move forward.

After that was these posts:

This is a challenge - call to action.  Open your eyes, open your mind.  Do what has been nearly impossible and choose something better!

The hardest step is starting!

Today's Lesson:
  •  EXPLORE - inside for top 3 things that feed your soul;
  • EXPRESS - your most favorite and how you begin the steps toward it;
  • EXCELLENCE - achieve it!!

I think she is talking to me directly!  She has stirred my soul, once again, and I am moving forward, once again,  so hold on tight and WATCH ME GROW! 

I hope you will join the journey and DESIGN your LIFE!!

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