Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Design Your Life - Excercise 4

Good Evening!

Late start today and very much behind but I didn't want to not share the next exercise.  I had a bad night trying to sleep and feeling like I am ready for bed now, so this will be short.

Feeling tired and not focused, this one took a while to think about and come up with words... I sat with my notebook and decided to draw a sketch of the tree to help focus on the task... Could someone tell me how a palm tree didn't come to mind?  

Anyway, this is what I came up with:

My roots at the bottom and words that describe what I am starting to learn (I stopped reading): focus, plan, action, achieve, believe and acceptance.  BUT what I am starting to learn what my design is, is simple.  What disability has done to me is limited my abilities physically and financially. What my design has done is shown me  that my limitations do not include my ability to learn, restructure, paint and share to keep going.  I CAN DO THIS!  My vacation trips to parts of the country or the world for walking tours may be off the list but painting and sharing is not...maybe a trip to the Jersey Shore could become possible.

In my branches, the words to describe my Design Life are: happy, inspire, freedom, relax, peace, rewarding, satisfying, paint....

I'm not sure I went in the right direction on this exercise but you know how it is when you come to the fork in the road... 

It's a journey to Design Your Life !


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