Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th (week wrap-up)

I used to worry about it being Friday the 13th.  I don't know why or where it came from but, like many others, I did.  I don't worry anymore.   Today is actually FLIP FLOP FRIDAY as any other Friday these days... everyday is a barefoot day for me.  It's been so hot lately that I have to remember to put flip flops on when I go remember your flip flops even the sand is very hot!   And watch out for the bottom of your pet's paws too!

It's been a lazy week of sorts.  
  • I am still trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with my bedroom, and what I want from  Ocean Styles, besides everything.   I tried mapping it out on paper:

  •  I've been trying to figure out my extra room.  I have to pull the carpet up and make repairs to the flake (fake) board floorand put down a plank kind of floor.  I have an old dresser in there that I want to repair and paint and use for storage of my paint and crafting supplies.  On the interior walls I want to cut out between beams to make recessed book cases.  (I saw it somewhere and of course, now I can't find it.)   I want to set up a day bed, crafting table and possibly a desk.  There's a lot of clearing out and getting rid of stuff to do!
  • Meanwhile, I have been trying to clean up and find homes for things.
  • I had a 'need' to get crafty yesterday and did a simple jar make over for q-tips and cotton balls.  see here
  • I've done allot of click after click after clicking!
I had asked my local ACE Hardware Store if they would consider selling bags of shells for the garden and I am excited to say they are working on it!  So I've been dreaming of weeding out my front bed, putting down plastic and laying out shells!  Then edging other beds with shells and make a path.... then decorations and crafts by the load!  Can't wait to get to the front!!

I remembered had inexpensive slip covers, so went looking:

This is just a great big drop clothe throw over so it fits the various types of sofa styles and sizes.  The sofa cover measures 112x170 which sells for $39.99 and the same style chair cover measures 110x108 which sells for $29.99...not bad.  But it got me thinking...
What if I did just get a drop clothe??  So I went looking around and converted feet to inches so I could compare.   You may have seen a couple of posts on my Facebook page. But the common size was a 15ft x 12ft which is 180x144 inches which is a bit bigger and less expensive than the sofa cover.  I have never had luck with fitted slip covers and to me, bigger is better, so I know I have plenty to tuck in.  I was primarily looking at 8 ounce drop clothes, but I did see that the 10 ounce is also cheaper and at the end of looking noticed that another type (I think to use more as a canvas tarp.) seemed to be water resistant, but didn't actually check sizes and prices.

So these are my steps:
  1. Drape 15 x 12 over the sofa...that's a start to cover the green sofa and floral back pillows.
  2. Covert yardage to feet to figure out now what size drop cloth needed to cover the back 4 pillows.  I think a yard will cover 1.  I want to make them with an envelope back so I can take off and wash too.  And I won't be sewing, unless they fall apart in the wash.  I am going to use iron-on tape.
  3. Make slip cover type of covers, too, for the seat cushions.
  4. Then, use upholstery pins for my know those pig tail, curly ones?
  5. Make painted canvas and bright toss pillows.
Step by step everything will come together. That's all I can do...

So grab your flip-flops and have a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend!

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