Friday, July 20, 2012

Sofa almost Up-dated!


 As I told you here 
that is just a big drop cloth throw cover (slipcover).  So I got a drop cloth that measured 12x15, from my new home away from home, Titusville ACE Hardware.  Let me just tell you, it is bigger and heavier than I imagined and even more clumsy to work with too!  I still have to pull the sofa out from the wall again and straighten it out.

I tried to do it around the dog but she wasn't cooperating. and 15 feet just seemed to go on and on.

Heidi got down and as soon as I started she was comfy again!

drop cloth slip cover
drop cloth slipcover

It does look sloppy right now but it will do for today.  But I think it goes nicely with my new living room and the relaxed, kick off your flip flops attitude! I didn't wash it and I want to get it straightened out before I start ironing!  Heidi is back up on there where she belongs.  I think she likes it too.   

Then UPS came!  Sorry no picture of the big brown truck but don't my new pillows look good on the sofa now?  I am really happy with my delivery from Ocean Styles!!

drop cloth slipcover, ocean style toss pillows

Both Pillows

Before and after
There will be more as I move lamps and tweak the sofa cover.  And still more tweaking!

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