Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Turn your home into a Staycation Resort

 I was reading an article on line here...  "Don't leave home - 22 ways to turn your home into a Stay - cation Resort."   But as I read it, besides the great ideas, it dawned on me that once you did some or all of these things, and made them a habit, you would be living a that vacation feeling all the time.

Once I moved to Florida, I tried to get into that habit.  Maybe the habit started because when I first got down here, I stayed at a beach hotel during off season.  After work and a simple dinner, I'd hang out outside and just enjoy being there.  When I was lucky enough to be home before dark, after I'd moved, I'd hang out with the dog for a while...lose track of time, have dinner and either sit by the window or outside enjoying the sights and sounds and/or lack of.  There is allot to be said about changing the speed of your brain.

When I moved here, it did get easier in some ways but I still had challenges before me but this year has been better at getting my "groove" back and making my home my resort.  Truthfully, I've only left home when I have to.  I am enjoying making my home, my resort.  And when I do leave, although it isn't very far, there is always something to see especially the water and the space center from over the river.

Some of the things they list to do, that I've done or will do are:
  • Don't leave home... obviously, if you're having a stay cation.  No bags to pack, no travel.  The idea is to be able to rest, relax and rejuvenate.
  • Build a Fire Pit... as much as I'd love one, I doubt I can in the park here and with dry pine needles and dry conditions I wouldn't.  But I do have candles outside and saw a table top fire pot at ACE Hardware I like.
  • Trick out your bedroom.  I find that if I keep the air conditioner on the cold side on those hot humid nights, I sleep better.  With soft comfy pillows and layers of quilts and comforters, I can pull them up or  throw them off.  I am looking forward to re-doing my bedroom.
  • Cook outside.  I keep a basket of what needs to go out: barbq utensils, a towel, pot holders, spices, and grab a plate (paper or Melamie) , napkins and a tray is usually out there.  If you use a flip basket, you can put your vegetables and meat in and flip together without it going down the slats of the grill.  I love grilled vegetables! 
  • Dine Al Fresco.  Keep a spot outside, if you can, or a basket with outside dining essentials so you're ready to grab it and set the table.  Having everything ready makes the idea easy and convenient to grab and go.  Whether you do clothe, paper or plastic, remember to include something special.  For my special moments, I have palm tree and flamingo stirrers, straws with little umbrellas on them...It can take an ordinary lemonade over the top!  and fun!!
  • Make your porch (or patio) into another room.  I have been working on this since I moved here.  And with everything I do, something else has to be done but it's getting there.  I have my grill and a bistro for 2 at one end, although it becomes the table to bring my stuff out to.  I have an indoor/outdoor rug out to define my sitting area and a lit palm tree for my resort tropical setting area.  I just have to remember to bring the telephone outside!
Other things to do are:
  1. Build a Lemonade Stand.
  2. Hang a tree swing.
  3. Keep your pool in tip top shape.
  4. Build a screen door.  I want at least one badly!
  5. Choose the right air conditioner.
  6. Hang a porch swing.
  7. Dig a pond.
  8. Take the party on wheels.
  9. Install a ceiling fan.
  10. Add a private Reading Spot.
  11. Kick up your feet.
  12. Make the deck new again.
  13. Add colorful foliage.
  14. Fix up your outdoor furniture.
  15. Create a Zen Bathroom.
  16. Build a relaxing fountain.
  17. Hang a hammock.
As you can see, there are many things to do to get that resort feeling, where you won't want to leave home.  So when you say:
When I go looking for something, I won't look further than my back yard... there's no place like home...

you'll know it and mean it.

working on it

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