Monday, July 2, 2012

My Happy Place!

I just can't get over how hot and still it is.  I did allot of nothing yesterday and just a little bit today ~ although I have been putting together some ideas.  
  • I want to do something to each of my interior doors.
  • I want to paint the ceiling and outside wall of the hall yellow.  It will continue my lighthouse beam...
  • on the left side (the inside wall) I want to make bookshelves cut in between the beams...but I am not sure what color paint yet.
  • when I get to the washer and dryer, I want to cut out above them for shelves for those things needed.
  • There is the door to the extra (dump) room, the bathroom door, my bed room door, and a door to outside.

    • my bedroom door - I'm thinking a door mirror with maybe lattice work and's at the end of the hall and I'm hoping it will open it up and add something!
    • the bathroom door painted a white-washed drift wood and a hand painted 'powder room' beach sign.
    • the outside door, I'm thinking of having a poster printed of a path on the beach or the picture of the dock over looking the VAB...
    • I haven't come up with an idea for the extra room but maybe a white washed barn door.

    •  or

I managed to work a little on my window.  It's totally different than the other and I am thinking about more changes.  This is the way it looks now:

I still have to add the slat to the bottom of the window but I didn't want to add it until I finished and  decided what I was doing with the net at the bottom.  Whatever I do, the window needs to be able to open and close.

Right now, this is the 2 different windows:
 But, what I am thinking, is moving some things from one window to the other.  The palm tree outside makes a great back drop for this window, but 4 flowers and the valance just lacks something.

Move things over...

Also, the boat shelf and another row boat shelf I have should be over by the 'shit's creek survivor' sign.  I'll have to move them too.

Just in case you're interested:
  • From the Dollar Tree:  2 natural colored nets and 1 green one were $1 each.  The flowers were $1 a pair to clip on flip flops.  The glasses $1.  The valance $1.
  • From Dollar General:  The palm tree and I have a sun with glasses were $1 each at Christmas time as ornaments.  I just glued shells I had to cover the gifts. 

Another late post but trying to keep you up-to-date!

Hope you kept cool today and had a happy day!!! 

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