Monday, July 23, 2012

Tweaking my delivery from Ocean Styles...

I can't express how happy I am with my latest delivery from Ocean Styles!  I didn't even get to track the delivery and it was here!!  Talk about fast!!??!  I was so excited when the delivery came.  Everything was packed so carefully and nicely.  Holding my breathe as I unwrapped the lamps, just because they were glass, I was thrilled with each one being in perfect condition.  Everything was exactly as I expected.

I had just thrown a drop clothe over my couch as a slipcover and the pillows go really nicely.

You can find these and so many more here!
My NAUTILUS  lamp on....surrounded by love of the beach!

My Flip-Flop Trinket Dishes hold more shells.  You can find them here.
I think this STARFISH lamp looks so darn cute on this table!!

To see more information about my table, click here.
Heidi building sandcastles in her dreams!

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