Thursday, July 19, 2012

Upcoming to do's!!

Home town fishing on Mosquito Lagoon in Titusville, Florida!  I have driven along Mosquito Lagoon just looking at the wildlife, especially alligators.  Who knew there was good fishing too.  I need to get out more often.  

Just to keep you up to date:
I got 5 bags of the medium shells and 1 bag of the small.  Right now, it feels like 103* outside which is above my work outside temperature.  

On my shopping spree, I also got:
  • a 12x15 drop cloth to cover the sofa; Last night I read that it should be washed to make it softer and it gets softer with each washing.  Sounds easy enough.  Right now I am get going to throw it over the whole sofa and pillows.
  • I got 2 sets of louver doors, 1 set has hinges, the other 2 do not; they look like big shutters.  Right now I'm thinking of painting them and using in the bedroom. 
  • I got those 'eye' hooks (?) thingies to put the tabs through to hang tab top curtains from the ceiling.
  • I  got a Caribbean Blue spray paint for outside and a Coral for the shutters.
  • I got wood for a sign and to possibly make my bathroom door look like old driftwood-ish either pickled white or a blue green.
  • I did pick up a couple of wood grain drawer liner to see if I can get it to stick to the door.
  • I picked up gate hinges for my faux barn door when I figure out how I am doing it.
I am sure there is something else in my bag of tricks that I don't remember but I have plenty now to do and work on.  You know how it goes, start something that leads to another.

So, stay tuned because there's lots of work to do and lots of pictures too!  Have a great day!

follow the seashell path!

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