Monday, July 16, 2012

What would you do with a 30# bag of Coquina shells?

Hi!  What would you do with a 30 pound bag of small Coquina shells?  ACE Hardware in Titusville is waiting for delivery!!  They are on Facebook for more information.  They have the best store!!

The limits are only limited to your imagination.  If you like and want to add to your vacation finds, create your own beach feeling whether inside or outside, create your own stay-cation oasis,  landscaping, around ponds, DIY, crafts.... I wanted to put together some ideas for you just in case you were wondering.

My first project will be cleaning out my front area and putting down the shells instead of using  mulch.  I live in Florida.  I love everything about it.  Although I do not live on the water, I can get that feel by landscaping with shells.  I can't wait to show you how it comes out!

ACE Hardware Titusville

Next,  some things I have done are below, just to give you an idea:

shell framed mirror
shell framed mirror in the Bath Room

I never quite finished but you get the idea.  It is actually my medicine cabinet doors and I used some shells from North Capitva Island, rocks and some beach glass.

shells in containers, just on top of my map covered dresser in my Bath Room

And that is a NASA ash tray!  

I love this drawer!

I repaint a small table, spray painted the drawer with a sand textured paint, glued on shells and topped the knob with a LandShark beer bottle cap!

Just some shells on my coffee table and more in the basket.

I did a window with fish nets and there are shells tied to the netting with jute...starfish bundle, sand dollar, small shells and some drift wood sit on top of the air conditioner.

I recently used shells glued to cover "Marie's" on the jar lids and 2 are in the bathroom with q-tips and cotton balls.

I'm big on glass jars, vases... with shells.  Such an easy way to display a natural element to your home.  See this:
I did that for fun with a Landshark and Corona bottle in it.

That's just a sample but there are so many more ideas that I want to try.  Shell wreaths, shell encrusted little treasure chest, shells glued on sheers, shell wind chimes... I have a palm tree with lights outside on the patio that I want to refill the pot with shells. 

 So that's what I'm thinking about for a 30# bag, or two or three.... allot!  So what do you think?  What would you do??  What did I miss???


  1. Love these shell ideas! I too, love glass containers as well a shells and putting them together is just a natural. The beer bottles with the shells is great!!!


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