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Country Sampler | Decorate with Crafts | Fun in the Sunroom

Over the weekend, the little beach on a tray was floating around.  It was very cute and the cute bathing beauties are almost $40 for the pair.  But when I got to the article that the picture was attached to, I thought I'd share it with you, as it has great ideas for not only "fun in the sun room" but any room.

Country Sampler | Decorate with Crafts | Fun in the Sunroom

1. Find a replacement.  To warm up the cool palette of Bev’s blue-and-white sunroom, Sally-Jo and Catherine introduced punches of red, including a pair of square red tables standing in for a wicker coffee table that matches the area’s other furniture. “If you want to change up your furniture but can’t find the right piece, think about what you can alter or put together to get a new look,” Sally-Jo advises. “A pair of slatted tables was just the thing here.”

2. Go on a virtual vacation. 
“Summer is all about fun, so apply that attitude to a table display,” Catherine says. “We created a beach in a tray by combining sand, seashells and some cute little figurines. The tray keeps the sand from getting everywhere, and you can easily move it out of the way if necessary.”

3. Ignite interest.
  More cheery decor, such as a sparkly firecracker accent, a patriotic hatbox or a trio of wood flag-themed accents (bottom left), can lend extra pizzazz to an end table.

4. Earn your stripes. 
More cheery decor, such as a sparkly firecracker accent, a patriotic hatbox or a trio of wood flag-themed accents (bottom left), can lend extra pizzazz to an end table. “If you want your room to be summery but you don’t want to go overboard with Americana elements, pick textiles, such as pillows or a rug, with stripes that hint at a more patriotic motif,” Sally-Jo says. “You can interpret ‘stars and stripes’ in lots of different ways!”

5. Play around.More stripes pop up on a croquet mallet and ball, which contribute an appropriate dash of sporty style to the summertime scene.

Tiers of Joy

6. Sit and think.  The ample sun room allows space for multiple seating areas, but even a smallish room can accommodate a petite dining set. The stylists dressed Bev’s vintage ice cream table and chairs in a red cloth to suit the room’s makeover and set the stage for more fresh ideas.

7. Square off.
  Drape a square quilted wall hanging across a round table to play the quilt’s sharp corners off the furniture’s curved edges. For more shapely dimension, top the wall hanging with more circular accents, including a candle with a complementary palette.

8. Be fruitful. 
“Fresh fruit is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to work color and natural zest into your seasonal decorating,” Catherine says. “Start simple with lemon slices in a glass drink dispenser, or get more creative with strawberries, clementines or other citrus fruits piled on a tiered dessert stand.”

9. Sea clearly. 
Play up a nautical-by-nature theme with seashells and starfish nestled amid the fruit on the dessert stand or sea grass-like foliage tucked into a red hanging pail. “We also filled spare measuring cups with tiny shells and arranged them on top of the stand,” Sally-Jo adds. “And, miniature flags inserted into each cup add patriotic oomph.”

10. Flag it down. 
In addition to the pint-size flags in the measuring cups, the stylists also cleverly repurposed a coordinating hat-shaped candy container as a planter for a sunny potted daisy that rests atop a distressed white shelf.

11. Take a break.
  Break up a large, bold-colored wall with artwork that picks up hues or themes from the rest of your room. Sally-Jo and Catherine picked a black-framed garden-themed print to complement the area’s natural elements. 

12. Use what you’ve got.
  If you collect vintage picnic baskets or old-fashioned coolers, such as the red plaid beverage tote above, bring them out for entertaining to show off your treasures and to serve up drinks in style.

Open Seating

13. Sea it through.  For a touch of seaside charm, the stylists hung a life-ring mirror and a striped beach towel on a sign outfitted with coat hooks, and they rested a stenciled “Beach” sign on a wicker umbrella stand.

14. Contain your collections. 
The umbrella stand and a black flower box provide handy spots for displaying more pieces of the croquet set the stylists brought in for its color and charm. Wicker boxes beneath the sofa offer storage and pick up on the texture of the room’s white wicker furniture.

Nautical By Nature
15. Get the blues.  The stylists outfitted the room with more blue-and-white accents to complement the bedding, choosing items that enhance the summery attitude they wanted the room to convey.

16. Coordinate your efforts. 
“Bev is a talented seamstress, and she covered her chair cushions with a pretty blue-and-white floral fabric that matches the walls and trim color,” Sally-Jo notes. “To give the sofa more of a daybed feel, we dressed it in a patchwork quilt and pillows that go nicely with Bev’s cushions.” Sally-Jo and Catherine also included Bev’s handmade flag pillow for a subtle dash of red.

17. Continue to impress. 
Sally-Jo and Catherine brought repeat elements from other seating areas into this section of the sunroom, including another red-striped rug and a bright crimson watering can holding a cluster of daisies. “Duplicating decor ideas can unite a larger room to make it feel more homey,” Catherine says.

Sands of Time

 18. Be childish.  “Summer is a time when everybody wants to be a kid again, so include at least a few elements in your room that call back to childhood,” Sally-Jo says. “Serve drinks in a sand pail filled with ice. Arrange bright-colored accents, candles or seashells in a decorative wagon, or set a cute figurine on a miniature hill of sand. That fun attitude will be contagious!”

Resource Guide

For more information, visit our Craft Fair online.

A Summer’s Day throw pillows, The 13th Colony
Americana glitter hatbox, Christopher Sparks figurine, Bathing Beauties figurines and Cabana Tent boxes, Henny Penny’s House

“Gardener’s Shanty” print, Country Creations
Americana hat candy container, Henny Penny’s House
White Stowes bookcase, The Old Country Cupboard
Reversible Liberty wall hanging/table topper/doll quilt, Annie Kay & Company
Red, white and blue jar candle, The Soy Box

Welcome sign with hooks, Home Sweet Homespuns, LLC
Beach stencil on sign, Scrappin’ Along Craft Stencils
Masthead lantern lamp, Country Creations
Flower/magazine box with flag stake, Copeland’s General Store
Tranquility quilt and pillows, The 13th Colony

Beach Ball figurine, Henny Penny’s House

Most of all, have fun!

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