Thursday, July 5, 2012

Searching for my Ocean Style

 I've been looking through Ocean Styles dot com and Pinterest and even my closet.  I came across a quilt I love that I rarely used.  I put it away in hopes one day I would get around to doing my bedroom and it would look like it belonged.  I completely forgot about it.  I bought it before moving to Florida, choosing to do my bed room tropical.

I drooled over lamps, window murals, bedding, throws and toss pillows and just played to get it together.  I only have one window in the bedroom with an air conditioner in it 99% of the time.  So what I was thinking was to use this Tropical Window mural,  one on each side of the bed.

 I love these lamps but wondering it they are too beachy for the tropical window... maybe I'll have to make my own window... or swap out with my living room lamps.

Living Room lamps - could use bamboo around the baseand use in bed room.

the lamps are here

use these in the living room

When I looked at tropical bedrooms, I decided my furniture could stay as it is, although I have to come up with an idea for my thrift night table.

matching dresser and chest
very pale yellow but love the bamboo handles

reversible quilt
4 pink tab top panels
 Although you see peach/coral shades, the pink light-weight tab top panels pull the pink from some flowers and/or centers.  I was thinking of the whole wall of curtain hung from bamboo poles.  I am leaning towards coral painted walls.

I originally thought of the dune fence over my bed as a headboard look, but going tropical, I'm going to use bamboo privacy screening instead:
72x180 $25 at Lowe's

My ceilings are only 7 feet high and this is 6 feet high, so I'm thinking of painting the ceiling and a foot down a sky color.

My must haves from Ocean Style are:
  1. Glass Float String Lights (here) 
  2. Sealites Seashell String Lights (here)
  3. Advice from the Ocean (here) and Sun Pillows
  4. 10 Beach Bottle Cap Ornaments (here) not just for Christmas!
  5. How to Be a Beach Woman Poster (here) to frame. 
and definitely: 
  1. The Starfish Lamp (here)
  2. and the Nautilus Lamp (here)

Oh the decisions are crazy!  But in order to get the looks that I want, I can shop my house and still shop better choices from Ocean Styles, pulling everything together.

I'll post my Idea Boards when I get the pictures together... meanwhile, think ocean breezes.

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