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Home Decorating Ideas:

Elaine Griffin
Photo: Rachel Been
I saw this article and wanted to share it with you.  You can also click the links below to see more.  As I read this list fast, I was coming up with my own suggestions and thought I'd comment as we go along.
1. Search the Web for auctions and yard sales in your area. I've found that the best deals happen on rainy days, when everyone would rather be indoors and you'll face less competition.

Pat says:  While this is a good idea, don't forget your area thrift stores.  You will find wonderful things that with a little TLC can look and serve you better than new.  As much as I love all the chalk paints out there, I have used interior paint, exterior paint and acrylic paint to repaint furniture.  I shop at least once a month at my local SPCA Thrift Store because I know it goes to supporting the local SPCA Animal Adoption and Veterinary Clinic, and it my way of getting a great deal and supporting a cause I care about.

2. Create a perfectly sized area rug without breaking the bank. Any carpet dealer can cut and bind regular broadloom carpet to a custom size.

Pat says:  Great idea but I can't tell you what it would cost.  One idea again would be a thrift store.  I personally would spray for bugs (although I have never had problems with the things I have gotten from the SPCA) and shampoo it and dry before bring in.  Shop dollar stores and my local ACE Hardware had some reversible indoor/outdoor rugs very reasonable.  Paint a rug you already have.  I bought a couple of rag rugs for the kitchen and used duct tape on the underside to keep together and put it under my kitchen table.  Rip the tape of to throw in the laundry and tape up when dry.

3. Reglaze a worn-out bathtub instead of replacing it. Replacing a tub can cost more than $1,000, but a pro can reglaze your old one for a third the cost.

Pat says:  good idea but I  have no experience with it.
4. Go with simple lines when purchasing cheap furniture. Inexpensive pieces look tacky when they're overembellished.
Pat says:  I'm not sure what she means here.  It all depends on the style and what you love.  I have both styles of furniture and the more detail to distress, usually, the better it looks.  I'm sure you've seen beautiful pieces with curves and ornamental detail that have made you drool.

5. Invest in a leather club chair. It's classic, durable and cheaper than you might think. I've bought several on
Pat says:  OK.  I am kicking myself for passing up a butter soft leather chair and a half and matching ottoman!  Next time, ask for delivery.  SPCA delivers and there is no charge if they are also picking up.

6. Choose curtain rods no bigger than one inch in diameter. The goal is to showcase the curtains, not the rod. The Allen + Roth Sienna rod ($45; has the right dimensions, an antiqued finish and cute brackets.
Pat says:  OK but don't limit yourself to just a decorative "rod".  Nautical design?  what about rope?  Tropical?  Bamboo stakes?  Modern?  plumbing pipes and fitting??  Or a tension rod so you don't see it at all?

7. Splurge on a lampshade, skimp on the lamp. A $10 base is fine, but buy a $50 shade to dress it up—that's the part people notice. 
Pat says:  This is the one that got me!!  How many times have you seen made over or embellished shades that  did not cost anywhere near $50?  I guess it depends on your clientele and/or audience!

8. Bargain-shop for glassware. You'll find glasses almost identical to the Ikea stemware collection that other retailers sell for up to ten times more.
Pat says:   Great idea, however, I don't have an Ikea store close by.  I have found some great glasses that are heavy enough for everyday use at the Dollar Tree and the thrift store.  To dress them up, you can paint them and if you goof or break, you don't have to cry!!   I even got green cactus style margarita glasses that I use for shells and candles outside. 

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