Saturday, July 7, 2012

FREE on-line blogging classes!??

FREE is good!!  

FREE classes???

Yes, Sir-Ree!!

After jumping into full-time blogging in February with both feet, I have learned so much.  The biggest thing I have learned is that I have so much more to learn!  

Maybe you've been doing this longer than I, maybe not.  But either way, maybe you too are on a constant journey to improve your site and/or Facebook page, growing readership, collecting hours and hours of information from all over the web, trying to detail the DIY information. With so much to learn, I'm sure you would love to take a class or two {or four}too!

I was lucky enough to read I Know The Plans I Have For You's blog post today.  I really didn't plan on being on the computer today, no less posting but... things can happen for a reason.  So I wanted to share this with you too.  Maybe this is what you need to jump in too.

 Have you heard of Alt Design Summit?   Well thanks to Bing and The Bing Summer of Doing, you can take up to 4 Alt online classes for FREE!! Wanna know more?? Of course you do, so click here!! You can also click here to take a look at the classes that are being offered.

I hope you will take advantage of these classes from industry veterans... it's only the month of July.

The 4 I hope to take are:
  1. Growing Readership
  2. The Organized Blogger: Tips and Tricks for Blogging Success
  3. Getting Started with Advertising for Bloggers
  4. Blogging 101:  The Basics for Getting a Head Start
Hurry!  First class is tomorrow!!!



Let's get doing!


  1. Hi - thanks for sharing the info! I don't think I'll take it, but might...? I'm not ready to 'commit' to creating a blog yet - still enjoying having all my time free to "not" do something if I don't want to since I got divorced! Not ready to give it up yet, but in time I will. Keep us posted and good luck learning what you want to achieve your desired goals!

  2. It is with great disappointment that I tell you, I think I did what I was supposed to but either way, I never heard back about these classes. I never got to take these "free" classes.

  3. I appreciate it that you shared what you know through this blog. Those who are interested will surely benefit from this.

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