Saturday, July 21, 2012

Just FYI: my shell drawer table

I think my Starfish lamp  (from Ocean Styles) is the perfect finishing touch to this little table!  I wanted to tell you how easy it was to do a presto-change up of this table I've had for years!

painting end table

Now this is before I was smarter and paid attention to what I was doing so I'll tell you my recommendations rather than what I think I did. 
  1. Clean the entire table well and let dry;
  2. Give it a light sanding and wipe with damp cloth to get any sand dust.
  3. Prime and let dry;
  4. Paint; I used sand textured spray paint on the drawer after taping paper around so not to spray anything else but the drawer front.
  5. Paint the table; I used the same ACE Paint- Going My Way, as I used on the living room walls;
  6. I used the primer in spots and then sanded to distress;
  7. I gave it a few days to dry before I added shells to the drawer on top of the sand paint and topped it off with a LandShark beer bottle cap on top of the knob.  FINS UP!
  8. Last, you really should, at least, coat or seal the top!
Let it sit for a few days to really dry.

shell drawer
I used it for my printer before moving everything around.

fins up!, shell drawer


I think I may have to just add some of my starfish here and it is complete!!


  1. So cute! I love the idea of the sand and shells on the drawer! Your lamp looks perfect! I have the same lamp and love it!

  2. Thank you Betsy! I love the look of the sand paint so much I am always looking for something to spray!! (and got my sister hooked on it too!) LOL I am so pleased with my lamps too.

  3. omg I never thought about using sand paint gotta get me some thanks for the info great job!


    1. Hi Melody, Thank you!! I love this paint! I also did a post of a couple of things I used it for. Thanks for coming by again.


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