Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Landscaping with sea shells...

I am so darn excited, I can't contain myself!!   I asked my local  ACE Hardware Titusville if they would consider selling bags of sea shells for landscaping and they said YES!!!  They are hoping for delivery today (on Tuesday, July 17, 2012.)

small Coquina shells
ACE Hardware Titusville's photo 

My first project is the front of my home.  I have wanted to do this forever.  The only reason I haven't done it yet is:
  • I now have difficulty walking the beach to collect shells;
  • Our local beach does not have the same shelling as Sanibel and Captiva;
  • Purchasing available bags of shells are too small and would be costly;
  • And if I went the other way, it was just too much shell for me to manage at one time.
I learned the hard way years ago when I had a load of stone dropped for my driveway, so having shells delivered was completely out of the question!  Thirty pound bags are good enough for me!

ACE Hardware Titusville's photo

Mobile home landscaping
When I first moved in, the front was just plain:  sand and weeds.  I found that fence post while cleaning up and scraps of  wood to make the directional post and had the wood gull for the top.  I found kids beach pails made great flower pots for my beach decor.  I have hated that black chippy hitch since I moved in and been trying since to come up with an idea (that works) to camouflage it.

mobile home landscaping

I tried dressing it up with plants and tried to grow something that I could hind it with but the man that was taking care of my yard would hit everything with the weed whacker as soon as something would grow.  I decided to add block to the front and this is where the shells came to mind... but I did mulch instead.

landscaping with sea shells

I tried painting the hitch but that wasn't enough for me.  But added more of this and that and remade my directional pole. 

directional pole

I was originally going to use this fencing for a head board in my bedroom but decided to see if one section was enough to go around the front and hitch and it was!  I want to paint the trailer exterior in the fall and trying to come up with an idea of colors and want to paint the skirt before I use tie wraps to secure the fence to the skirt. 

The front has totally over grown with weeds!  There are some vines and Morning Glories that I  want to try to get around the fence and hitch... and try again to kill some fire ants.  So it is finally time to get out there and go to town, figuratively and literally!

dune fence
Do you want more ideas?  Check out this link What would you do with a 30# bag of sea shells?


  1. I absolutely love it! You have inspired me.

    1. Well thank you, Anonymous! I hope you will try it too... and it would be a nice addition of your own beach!


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