Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy and Beachy Thoughts...part 1

The beach invokes happy, calm, relaxing feelings...even if I didn't arrive that way.  I am always collecting sayings and thoughts to keep a positive outlook and thought I'd share them with you!

Life is good...simple as that

I'm building sandcastles in my dreams

Light Houses don't run around!!

Life Shore is fun!

Mother, Mother Ocean...


  1. I love the beach
  2. don't Happy
  3. Live, Love & Laugh
  4. Mermaids  don't Cook!
  5. Live to Love, Love to Live
  6. Be happy...Sing, Play, Giggle & Dream
  7. I wanna live at the beach!
  8. life is better than good.
  9. Celebrate the beach
  10. You are my sunshine
  11.  define drunk
  12. eat, drink & re-marry
  13. Ain't no Margarita tall enough
  14. It's a Wonderful life!
  15. Write your secrets in the sand and trust them with the tides.
  16. The secret to living a good life is living along the coast.
  17. Live...Love...Laugh
  18. She with the most bathing suits wins!
  19. It ain't cheap being me
  20. I'd rather date myself
  21. I can't be good all the time.
  22. All you need is LOVE
  23. What if the Hokey-Pokey is really what it's all about?
  24. Ain't no Martini tall enough
  25. Sunshine...Makes me Happy
  26. Sweet Land of Liberty
  27. The beach...FREE Therapy for the soul
  28. If it weren't for the Beach, where would I dance?
  29. Group Therapy 
  30.  In a world where you can be anything... BE YOURSELF!

to be continued...


  1. I love all the sayings!! Collect them as well... just can't get enough. LOL. Thanks so much for sharing and linking my lighthouse!

    1. Thank you Maya!! Love your Lighthouse :) Who knows, the next group might have you again... I finally decided to start putting together the list and scrapes of paper in one place.
      Hope Lady Liberty is your new lighthouse!

  2. Good way to stay positive! ;-) Love your blog!

    1. Thank you...thank you Deb!
      I need and I'm sure others could use some positives in our lives...I've decided to surround myself in positive and happy thoughts. :)

  3. Interesting selection of "Happy and Beachy" thoughts....

    Wendy Prentice (from the happy sign gallery)
    Wendy Prentice Mermaid Art
    Santa Rosa Beach, FL


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