Monday, October 1, 2012

The first of October...

I have to tell you that blogging has helped me personally from the very beginning.  I had a reason to get up and do "something" and "share something" every day.  It started as I was going to be making my mobile house a home and tell you the stories behind the decor and I have...I've started.  And I've found things along the way to share with you.  But 2 things have happened...
  1. I've gotten lost TOO many times on the internet.  I've started off with my coffee in the morning and ended when I went to bed for the night.  NOT GOOD if I want to accomplish anything or have any kind of a life.
  2.  I haven't done the things I have wanted to do.  I've started inside, with the excuse that it's too hot, too humid, it's raining outI've also lost track of things that I should have done. 
I am a survivor.  All my life I have lived in survivor mode.  All it means is I have never fully gotten to that point where you ride with the flow, that time to inhale and exhale, relax... you're always waiting for the other shoe to drop.  The sky is always about to fall, chicken-little.

I am trying so hard to be alive; to go with the flow; inhale and exhale; to just relax.  

Only lately, I have made the decision to get involved in the Park's activities.  I am in charge of the Park Newsletter.  I have decided to try to sell some paintings and signs at their annual Black Friday Craft Fair.  I even went to BINGO Wednesday night!  I didn't win but it was good to get out, be around people and still get home for Criminal Minds.  There is a life outside my four walls.  It's a good thing!  And the more that is happening in the park, the more I am apt to be involved with.

It's a new week and a new month.  Once again, it is time to look at the calendar...

I'm looking for ideas... ideas for a crafting-get-together at the park, pot-luck dinners at the park, craft fair selling ideas...and what ever else that comes along.

Yesterday I worked on painting backgrounds on wood for some signs to paint:
I am liking this one just  the way it is.  It is totally different painting on wood compared to paper and canvas, but I'm liking  and using the wood grain in the scene.
these are on canvas boards 8x10
these are on plywood squares 12x12

I am enjoying these allot.  Every one is different.  Some I want to embellish with rope and/or shells.  I did 9 backgrounds on wood yesterday and have 23 more to do and all 32 to finish!

I also started a chair and decided to make a desk to match!


I think it will be a fun pair!

So I didn't disappear but found things to keep me busy.  I hope you are following along on Facebook.  I share photos as I go along more often.

Hope you have a great week!!

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