Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In love with the beach...

For me, there is no other experience that matches time at the beach.  It doesn't matter, sometimes, how much time...just some time.  Sometimes, the river will do, but for the most part the ocean is the place for me to be.

Breathing changes the closer to the water's edge you get.  Feeling the sun and ocean mist rejuvenates the skin. The smells and taste of saltiness. The sounds of the surf, even before seeing it, tells you the ocean's mood.  Clearing the mind of the daily nonsense, this time becomes a total spiritual experience.

Dig your feet in the sand and let the water cool your toes as you escape into the beauty of God’s seaside creations, and hear His voice more clearly than perhaps anywhere else.

The above quote is from the website about Devotions for the Beach.  To see a sample, click here.   You can also read and purchase on Amazon.

I also found Breakfast on the Beach here.   I am always looking at books too.  Both these devotional books are for and about the beach, whether you are there at the time or not. 

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