Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OK... late with my announcement...


There they are!  My New Networking Cards!!  I love them.. you?   For a small card the clarity of the picture is perfect.  Now if I went to the mailbox on Saturday, I could have share them sooner.  Yesterday and today I  was punching holes and attaching to completed plaques with jute, raffia and ribbons.  And of course because I was looking at everything, I have another pile of almost done that it needs "something"  like a shell or seagull or something!  I'm going crazy but want them perfect.

This is what I was doing with them earlier  

Tonight I started working on my very own Etsy Shop!  All my pictures have to be re-sized!   But I am going to be working on descriptions and a portfolio of my work so you will get to see it all before.  

I feel somewhat like I might have bit off more than I can chew at one time but I can't explain to you how much fun I am having and once in the zone, I am really at peace in whatever picture I am painting at the time... I love being in the zone...haven't been there in at least 4 years and it was a different zone, I like this one better.

So, if you feel like helping me out... 

  • if you like this picture and you were going to sell it, how much would you sell it for?? 

  • If you like it and were looking to buy it, how much would you pay? 

I'm in the process of figuring out prices and wondering if I am in line.  I know different areas will get different prices, but hoping you'll play along on this phase of my journey.  Thank you!

"FREE Therapy for the SOUL"

rope trim with a shell where it ends

real shells and moss

 This is my interpretation of "Free Therapy for the Soul" on a deserted island!

Whether you live near or far from the beach, kick off your flip flops and sit a while under the palm tree. Relax. Before you leave, check out the shells in the sand!

It measures approximately 12 inches by 12 inches, painted on plywood and glued edges with rope. It has a wire hanging secured with pearl beads and decorative raffia and real beach shells on the island.

So there you have it!  Hope you'll help out!

Catch ya later


  1. Hi... just now seeing this. So nice! Gosh, girl, have no idea of a price, but, at just a guess, I know it's definitely well worth $10 and more..?? I have not had money to shop in a while, so don't know about it. I'd say go visit other 'real' stores, and also other Etsy shops and compare.

    I have learned in the past that in pricing an item you have add and figure in YOUR TIME. You are selling your time and your talent as well as the items used to make it. So, how much do you think YOU are worth an hour? I know there are articles and books on "pricing how to's" out there. And, you have to consider your costs for paying for Etsy etc... And one other thing I read somewhere is that sometimes a person can choose to "start low" - to get the customer base started, and then raise prices as the business gets more established. So that is something you can also think about.

    I think the main thing is to NOT "undervalue" yourself or your talent or your time put into your lovely creations. Ask yourself, What are you and your work worth in YOUR eyes. Hold to that. Good luck! - and don't sell yourself cheap!


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