Monday, September 29, 2014

FALL 2014

End of September Newsletter
Fall 2014

Hi Everyone!

I know it's been a long time since posting and so much has been going on! Some good, some not so good and some ugly but it's all part of the journey and I am hoping it's all is better in the end. I don't even know where to begin...

I have been extremely busy working on unique pieces for my Etsy Shop. ~I have finally come to the point where I am accepting and realizing, there are things I can do, and things I can't, and will be concentrating on the things I can.~ So I have been researching things that are uncommon, different and/or hard to find coastal d├ęcor pieces that you MUST have or must SHARE! My whole idea is that this virtual gift shop I am creating will have one of a kind gifts that, as you take this journey with me, you will want to share too. Some of these gifts are labor intensive and take days to complete BUT I want to share them at a cost that is affordable for all. I am using the best materials available to me, different pieces, and putting allot of love and time into each piece by hand. I am not creating the run-of-the-mill mass-produced items. Each piece is thought out and carefully made to last and enjoy. There is usually a story behind each one...

Each one that I work on, at that moment, is my very favorite piece but I have to say that the pieces I am working on are my favorites. Each one is different and each one I am proud of.

As a coastal girl and lover, I am preparing for a Magnificent Coastal Christmas. Each item, although great for year 'round, fits into the Holiday Season very easily. Whether you are keeping it for yourself or giving as a gift, with a little thought it works well as a Coastal Gift, and/or an add-on to a gift.

I have also been working, and continue to work, on special gift wrapping for my items, whether or not it is a gift you are giving or you are keeping it for yourself. I want you to be excited to receive it too. Some items are odd sizes and shapes and they are a challenge to wrap, so I am working on those so you don't have to worry.

My orders all receive an ATC, Artist Trading Card. This little painting, 2.5x3.5 inch canvas, is something I have personally done, whether to experiment with colors, techniques, or strictly for enjoyment. Although it is customary to collect and trade, that is up to you. You may choose to keep it for yourself, punch a hole in it and add string or raffia for a gift card, add a magnet to the back, use it as a bookmark... the possibilities are endless.

Sometimes the journey has many twists and turns, so I am adding a collection, I am calling: New Direction. I am launching this for the New Year. It will contain original artwork with sayings and quotes for positive reminders for the new year going forward. The New Year is such a great time to look forward to a journey that holds so many possibilities for us all to look forward to.

To follow my journey, I hope you will like me on Facebook. There you will find the daily workings of new items and discounts...

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