Saturday, May 18, 2013

To "Teacher" ... With Love!

"To Sir, With Love" - LuLu

I have always, always, always wanted to do something creative.  In 1979 I started a business, got pregnant and closed the business {Fashion Odyssey - another journey!?}  to be a stay at home Mom.  Then life happened while I was busy making other plans (John Lennon)  Beautiful Boy

And life keeps happening...

Without all the gory wasn't very long ago that I found myself in a very dark place...I knew I didn't want to be there, I just got stuck.  It took a while to get unstuck and it was work.  I've been a survivor, even when I didn't want to be, but I dug deep to find those survival skills once again.

When I moved to Florida, Facebook became a means of staying in touch with family and friends and after LNT closed, it was a means of  networking, playing games and being there to encourage each other.  But then I surfed and I found many pages that inspired me, made me think in a different direction...I can't tell you what direction I was going but a new journey was beginning.  In February (2012) I started my blog and a companion Facebook page.  It was just going to be about DIY things around my home, decorating and learning to garden in Florida so my plants didn't die.

I wish I could remember when my journey began with the Facebook page, Paintin Place Decorative Art Studio, but I am so thankful that I did.  I am going to be very honest here.  There are a lot of wonderful pages on FB and the web.  They all have places for comments BUT if you ask a question, answers are not usually readily forthcoming.  For the most part, you get ignored.  Sherry holds back nothing... she is so willing to share her knowledge and if you haven't, you should follow her as 2013 is HERE WE GROW!  You can find her Facebook page here.

To get me started, she shared her information so I could get my feet wet at a local craft fair here.  I didn't do as well for Christmas with tropical signs and paintings but did have a few sales and have gotten orders since and an order for 10 tropical key holders for a snow bird's departure.  We have even talked about selling my work in her studio!  I am very excited about that BUT...

I am getting ready for my "here we grow" by clearing out a spare room, putting down a new floor and will be making that into my new ART STUDIO!  When I grow up I want to be a mini Ms. Pat just like my teacher, Ms. Sherry!!  My problem is that I can only do a little at a time, financially and physically, so everything is still in the works.

Sometimes a song can take you back to another time and place but sometimes that same song takes on a totally different meaning like: You're simply the best... I hang on to every brush stroke you make!

2013....HERE WE GROW!!!   and I am so COMING OUT OF THE DARK!!


  1. How poetic and inspiring, Ms. Pat. I wish you all the best on your new journey of re-inventing yourself and keeping "the" dark at bay.
    I have been blessed to know Sherry for many years here at the Jersey Shore. She is extremely a talented and creative woman who has also re-invented herself a few times in her lifetime. She is a force to be reckoned with as you can't say no to her. She has more energy then anyone I know. I sometimes ask her if she truly is able to sleep through the night with all her ideas swimming around in her head that eventually comes to fruition in her wonderful store. They're not pipe dreams, they're her dreams that come alive for all of us who are lucky to walk into her store, and into her life. She has you at hello..... mbsmith

    1. Thank you MB! Your comment confirms what I've felt too! <3


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