Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It starts with a feeling...

It all starts with a feeling.  What do I want to feel?  How do I want to feel and how can I get that feeling?
We always seem to be waiting for something, someone, someplace to make us fell "something" but what?  What if it is already inside of us waiting to bust out, for us to release it and feel it?

The message is that everything we do, we do to feel a certain way.  But did you grow up with out the freedom to express and feel your feelings? 
Where you told, "you shouldn't feel that way!  There's nothing to be afraid of!  It's all going to be OK."  ??
There is a pretty good list of feelings, good and bad, here.  So as I develop my core desires I battle with words.  I've stuffed feelings for so long that I am not clear on them.  So that is my first lesson.  I remember being told that feelings aren't right or wrong, they just are.   Obviously I want to feel good.  I want to feel good about myself, my surroundings, my circumstances and my accomplishments.  

So this is my GOAL,  my RESOLUTION for 2014... taking a journey with The Desire Map.

I have my book, my workbook and my 2014 Desire Map Planner.  

My first goals as I go along are for repairs and up dates to my home, and my health.  Yes repairs and up-dates to my health!  I need different medical advice than I have been given and I can no longer go on with that program... everything is going in a new direction this year!

I hope you'll check it out and perhaps join me... maybe even join the largest Book Club!  You can find more information HERE.

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