Saturday, January 4, 2014

The FIRST Weekend of the NEW YEAR ~ 2014!

This is the FIRST weekend of the NEW YEAR!!  And I am happy and excited about it!

This started off as a little sharing of excitement to get off the ground in 2014, on my FaceBook page, and it kept growing!

The OLD year was ending with some sour notes but the NEW year began with friends, family and better notes :)  I am determined that the sour notes won't stick and for every negative there is a positive...even if I have to dig a little deeper to find it.  I will be sharing every positive post that inspires me and hopefully they will inspire you too.

So, are you planning anything for 2014?  I am not making resolutions, per se, but I'm mapping out a journey that suits me and will bring me peace, happiness, joy and better health!

Going forward there are always DECISIONS to make and actions to take.  These will be measured by what is best for ME, what makes ME feel good... and the same with my time.  In a sense, better time management and with better allocation of it.  Questions I have begun to ask myself is: is it worth it? will it be worth it in the long run? does it help me get to the next phase of the journey?  is it appreciated?

I need to work on ACCEPTANCE.  Sometimes, no matter how I try, the words I say are not met favorably but I am coming to believe the resistance is actually to keep a status quo.  It seems to be a conflict of interests, a regression and complete opposite of what is said.  Some people just live in the past because that is where they are most comfortable.
In other ways, I need to accept {still} what I can and can not do and accept the help that is offered.  That is harder for me than I realized because I was always and used to being the one to help, and now need to be able to accept help.  And I will keep repeating the SERENITY PRAYER.

I am starting off the new year with a few books to READ!  I am determined to read more AND set time aside for it!  When it comes to sitting down and reading,  I still love to hold the real thing in my hands and feel and turn the pages... and good ones, I can not part with!!  I love and keep my books which is very hard when using the library!!
I did check out from the Library, 2 books by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo; Cook Right 4 Your Type and Eat Right 4 Your Type.  They are based on the 4 blood types and what is better for your health and weight (loss).  I am not going to go into my refrigerator and pantry and throw out every last thing that is not good for me, but, I will shop with a list, {which I am making and keeping in my purse} to replace with things, as I need to, that are better for me.  I am definitely not ready to give up coffee and/or milk and all dairy products either! 
I bought a copy of  Second firsts ~Live, Laugh, and Love Again~ by Christina Rasmussen.  I've been following her Facebook page for a while and she offers some very powerful and positive posts, but it wasn't until I dug a little deeper that I realized that this isn't just for someone who lost a loved one... not that I haven't, but it is about starting over, and that's what I am doing... at least trying to.
I also bought a copy of  Etched in Sand ~A True Story of Five Siblings Who Survived an Unspeakable Childhood on Long Island~ by Regina Calcaterra.  It takes place on Long Island, New York, which is where I am from.  But it is about a woman who over comes such adversity.  I love books about woman who over come, who are strong, who are not only survivors but examples of perseverance "in the face of adversity".
Last but not least, I have a series of books written by Joan Anderson.  There are 5 or 6, I don't remember at this point.  I read the first one and half of the second... It is time to dust those off my shelf and bring them out to be read.  I'd explain them to you as:  Empty Nester, seeks where and what am I doing with the rest of my life... on the beach of Cape Cod.

So there is the FEW!  But I have to give up some Facebook time to "read".  Oh yes, ONE MORE:
This is a yearly planner for matching your soul to your to-do list.
Your daily to-do’s are supported by your core desired feelings and inner declarations.
Inspirational quotes, week at a glance — room for your whole life. 2014, look out!
Only available on Limited quantities available...
you can see it on my page.  I didn't get it yet, but can't wait for it to arrive!  I used to be better at it; my Planner was my life, my appointments, my dairy...I'm hoping this one gets me back on track, and not so scattered!  There also other books and a workbook (I may have to get.) available too.
That's it for now on the books and reading list!  In addition to the planner, I also purchased a desk blotter calendar BUT I'm going to hang it on the wall.  I'm finding, regular wall calendars are too small and confining and on a desk it gets lost under the paper work... so on the wall it will go.

I am hoping to get better organized, mentally and physically including my surroundings and plans.  I have a habit of biting off more than I can chew and becoming overwhelmed - then discouraged - unable to focus and then I just shut down.  Very bad pattern, so I'm going to try to come up with new patterns to avoid that one... which brings me to FOCUS..FOCUS..FOCUS.  That is why I spent the money and I am hoping my new planner will help me develop that focus and structure.  One of the side effects of not having a "job" or being retired, is you are on Island Time 24/7.  Usually you are on Island Time for a limited amount of time, for example: a vacation, and that is real good at recharging your batteries...but not forever.  Or not forever for me...I need a little bit more structure for myself...I am missing a routine.

 My NUMBER ONE PRIORITY, right now, now that the holidays are over is to find a new DOCTOR!  For those of that have followed me, you know I bitch and moan sometimes about being in pain and unable to do things sometimes.  This has been going on, off and on, all my life but under control for the most part.  The past five or so years, things have progressively gotten worse to the point where it is extremely difficult to walk... and to sleep.  Any one who has ever been in pain, no less for a period of time, will tell you that it does a number to you.  You become sedentary, which is the complete opposite of what I want to be!  I live in a place that is very conducive to being mobile...I am dying to walk the beach again!  Would love to take walks with my dog... that's why I got her, so we could take walks and I could get exercise!  But just to do what I absolutely have to is more than enough for me on most days.... I have become depressed ... some days I know are not good days to talk to even family because I don't like myself.   SO I am on a doctor hunt!  I'm not looking for heavy drugs or surgery but to be able to enjoy a quality of life.  We all deserve that much.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST:  Painting, painting, painting!  I have started the new year with a new mind-set for my paintings.  I am sticking with my beaches but looking at adding  "positive" sayings, phrases, and directional poles.  I have put my Etsy Shop on vacation to add more to it and I'm working on shipping prices.  I'd love to offer free shipping forever but that doesn't work if I want my prices to stay as low as possible so I am working on that...maybe some kind of happy medium.  I have allot of signs to add to the shop but it's been so cloudy that my pictures aren't showing off how they really look...until you get them!  I'm waiting for a sunny day!  I have a couple of sketch books of different ideas too.  I look forward to sharing some new work this year.

So my friends, this is my plan... what's yours?   I'd love to hear from you.  Did I give you any ideas?  Maybe you could share yours and give me some ideas too!  Let's make 2014 the best year yet!!

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