Monday, October 28, 2013

Please don't ask me to watch your boat....

I have to share this story... It makes me smile when I think about it.  My thoughts for some lazy time by the water on a Sunday afternoon.

Yesterday, was gorgeous out... just think today.  High 70's, a slight breeze... such a welcomed day and weather after the long hot summer.  To me this is perfect weather.  I had gone out earlier with friends and when I came home, I'd planned of picking up where I left off as far as putting things back in order and cleaning... but I sat down and really wanted to be outside again.  If I went out in the yard I would have started a project out there... so I decided to take a ride to the river and see what I could see.  Depending on which area I go to I might see some dolphins playing or manatees logging around and maybe a baby or two.  At the last minute I decided to take my dog, Heidi, with me.  She's been cooped up inside all summer too.

so over the bridge we go...

Checking out the sides of the river there are men fishing on the south side and some cars parked on the north side... so go to the north side.  There is an empty area that will keep Heidi away from barking at people and an area for her to investigate.

So here we are... the river was pretty calm and just relaxing... and beautiful... we parked right at the river's edge on the north east side...  there was plenty of space alone for her to walk around... she couldn't wait to get out....

there were people down further but usually there are wind surfers and such but it must have been too late in the afternoon.   We walked around... she sniffed all the piles of beached grass and of course,  even girls will mark their territory or let you know they've been there!

then this young man comes and decides he'll put this together and launch it right in front of us....

my happy girl
She was quiet while he set it up and attached the sail.  She very quietly made sounds while he was in the water but watched him..... THEN....

He said he'd forgotten something and would only be about 5 minutes... would I watch his boat...sure!

She spotted the gulls and some sand pipers flew that way... He wasn't gone a minute or two when I turned to look at Heidi, a breeze blew and I turned back to look at this boat......

and WATCHED it drift away....

 and away... but I did watch it! I felt so bad but the rope must have been up on his deck  'cause I didn't see one to grab... needless to say he was surprised and not happy when he came back....

It was time to leave.  I grabbed my chair and headed much for my relaxing time at the river... I didn't see any dolphins or manatees. Maybe next time.

I do see a painting coming up!!


  1. Oh my gosh!!.....LOL. Boy howdy he sure learned a hard lesson didn't he! Duhhhhh... make sure your boat is on solid ground, or that the person watching it knows specifically "what" to watch Or to at least tell them... "would you make sure my boat doesn't float off until I get back".

    That was too funny.... thank you for sharing it. I'll know what to ask the person if I'm ever put in that situation!

    1. bringing it up higher on solid ground or hey, can I tie it to you bumper (or I even have a hook for a tow line or whatever)... I know know I will think of that at least IF there is ever another time!

  2. Pat,
    Was this the Banana or Indian River?


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