Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Don't you just love unexpected gifts?

I do.

I guess I missed a post on Facebook, which is actually easy for me.  I received a private message last week that I had won a give-away and won a mermaid necklace from  wellfleet marine retail store !  I thanked Jill and gave her my address and forgot about it.  

My mind has been so very pre-occupied... am I moving?  am I not?  Is all the family drama with my nephew quiet?  My family is coming to Florida after Thanksgiving and I am very excited about this but... where do I start preparing?  My phone and computer were working erratically so??? 

I finally checked the mail, and lo and behold a box.... with a cute mermaid and baby sticker on it!!

As I walked home, across the street, I marvelled at the mermaid with her baby.  Besides thinking I should live a mermaid's life, I have been painting mermaids and always trying to make each one a little different.  I am working on a canvas that is a mermaid watching my sister's family on the beach.  This really caught my eye and my imagination.

When I got inside I started ripping the box apart......

This is what I found!!!  It is beautiful and I can't wait to wear it proudly!!  It is so pretty, a mix of copper and brass with a pearl on a leather necklace!  The only reason I haven't worn it yet is because I've been in painting and cleaning clothes and a holey t-shirt!  As much as it would dress up my current outfits, I want to wear it and feel special.

This one is a little blurry but....

One of the great things about receiving a gift like this is not only can I tell you about it but I can tell you about the company that sent it to me.  Being from Long Island, I have had the pleasure of going to Massachusetts a number of times and only wish I'd known about wellfleet then.  The fun part of the Internet is I can still and will shop there now... and so can you!

They have a web site here.   You can  SHOP HERE.  You can find Home Decor, Jewelry, Kids Stuff, Bath and Body... and of course Mermaids!

I love to get books for the kids in the family, and I love to get stories that relate to something and have some meaning.... Wellfleet has a wonderful selection of  books here.   And in the kids stuff too.

What about a couple of hooks for towels, the dog leash, coats, pot holders... the possibilities are endless....


or a candle with their cute logo mermaid:

As you can see, they have a wide variety and I am sure if you see sometime on their Facebook page, you can call and order it to be sent too.

So, go over and check them out.  Spread some love over on their Facebook page and remember:

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