Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fox Hollow Cottage: Sprinkles of Spring in the Kitchen

Fox Hollow Cottage: Sprinkles of Spring in the Kitchen:

I stopped by Shannon's blog and saw what she did on her break through between the kitchen.  I am so inspired!!  Somewhere I read about using your china just because... well I decided to pull out more of my great-grandmother's dishes and wine glasses and display them on that counter with my bamboo plant and some Easter decorations.  I have to go through the box and see what else is there but now I have a reason to unpack that box and somewhere to put them.  And I just might start to use them!

Remember to shop YOUR house!  I have moved furniture around from one room to the other and everything else in between.  My living room, bathroom, bedroom and patio are and will be beach themed, so it is easy enough to move things around as necessary.  I recently moved my lit palm tree to the patio with all my large shells.  I now have to remember to shop my shed!  My list grows but my energy doesn't.

It's actually a nice day today; 72 degrees and windy.  I'm out to run some errands.  Catch you later.

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