Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Free is good!

I'm always so jealous of the Dumpster Divas finding treasures on the night before garbage pick up, inside and outside dumpsters, in front of homes on the curb and even on the curbs of New York City.  Well yesterday I made a score! 

So here's the story:   (Remember, "what's the story, Jerry?")

I was just running  driving down the block to the little deli like store.  I pass this little apartment complex.  On the right side, there was some yard waste and old furniture...I may go back and check the chair frame.  Just passed that is a dumpster with a round wood table.  I kept driving, thinking that table has got to weigh a ton! 

I go to the store and on the way back... what the heck.. I turned in next to the table.  It is very dirty and scratched up but it doesn't weigh a ton!!  I drag it over and in the back, with the door wide open and do my best to drive home ever so slowly... and drag it to the patio.  Where there she sits:

Besides a good cleaning and sanding, I want to try CeCe Caldwell's Paint.  It all nature chalk and clay paint.  Here's their website :  CeCe Caldwells  I think I want to do it in the light yellow and do a stencil on top, so when the table cloth is off it is still dressed up pretty!  It's going in the kitchen and the bistro table is going outside.

So the list just grew again but free is good!

Have a great day  ~ pat

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