Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finally making progress in the KTCHEN.

Yesterday I thought I was making progress but when I stood back admiring my accomplishments, I saw that I had not touched the bottom cabinets!  How could I have missed them?  They were there the whole time!  Needless to say I had a very restless night.  I was up and down till the wee hours of the morning.  I debated going back out to the kitchen and putting one coat of paint on them but instead made a list of what needed to be done, in the order I should do them.  I did accomplish allot today and managed to cross things off the list. 
  • cabinet are painted
  • wine cork wreaths are hung over the doors above the sink
  • replaced the cabinet knobs with wine corks
I am so happy with it.  The yellow is so sun-shiny bright that I decided to stencil "You Are My Sunshine" above the kitchen sink.  Then I thought, since above the front window is "bakery" in Czech, why not do above the sink in Czech too!  Google has a great translator that even does sentences and I was able to find "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere" too.  I think I am going to stencil that on the cabinet above the refrigerator and accessorize with saved wine bottles and a large wine glass of corks.

I'm not sure if I'll leave the cross there but here is where I thought of accessorizing with wine bottles and corks; and It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

And the 2 cabinets above the sink.

I had seen corks used as knobs on Pinterest.  I thought I had an original idea.  But they were put in through the cork screw hole.  I did my flat so the designs could be seen; that the reason for collecting many of them.  These are just bunches of grapes on the drawers.

Tomorrow I just have to paint around the ceiling fan, touch up were the tape covered and missed paint... then I can finally move things around and put the kitchen back together again.  Yeah!!

Good night all!  <3

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