Thursday, August 16, 2012

Time to get to work again! UP-DATED!

Good Afternoon!

I truly just want to take a nap or something!

I did some running around yesterday and it took every bit of control not to stop in to the SPCA Thrift Store!  But I stopped at ACE Hardware in Titusville and purchased more shells (6 bags) to finish the front area.  I picked some other things that I will show you later.  I went to the Dollar Tree and got a pail and shovel and sandcastle molds too to add to the front.

This morning my dog knocked the chair into the table outside and my heron fell into pieces!  I was a calm unhappy person.  I'm going to try to E-6000 glue it back together!  My pelican's beak is being glued with E-6000 now; I hope it holds.

But it is so darn HOT and STILL!  So once again I was staring at the picture outside and deciding what I want to do.  After this post, I'll go in and out and try to do a little at a time.  But what I know I want to do is in this picture:

I have to add more plastic to the right and I think the right side needs more shells than the left too.  I'm thinking a message in the bottle but want to add things slowly, not to over crowd it.

Little by little, it will get done! 


The shells are down!   I put more plastic down where it was needed and around the the snake plant.  I put all 6 bags down and I am in love with it.  I still have 1 bag of shells that I might use as a filler... we'll see how it goes.  This is what it looks like now, while we are having a serious thunder storm.

beach front, shells,

 Nothing like living in Florida and having the shells to prove it, too! 

I think it makes such a difference!

landscaping with shells

I stopped here because of a thunder storm. I want to re-paint the chair, hit the sand castle with my sand spray paint, and I have a pail and shovel to add shells to. And there's some clean up needed around the blocks...and weed killer needed.

Well, that's my journey to my beach front.  I hope you  like it too.

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