Friday, October 21, 2011

Slowed down for a couple of weeks

Hi and Good Afternoon!

I've slowed down for a while here.  I still have the kitchen and bathroom to finish.  I'm hoping to get the bathroom done over the weekend and will take "finally done" pictures.  I still have to finish painting the trim and decide if I want to paint the ceiling a color too.  I didn't paint inside the tub area and want to look in to a moisture resistant paint.  I have to go through and clean out the medicine cabinet and under the sink... I know there are things there that are at least 6 years out!

I have been searching high and low on Pinterest, Facebook, blogs, and all kinds of web searches.  I am in love with Pinterest because not only can I save things I like, want to do or/and try but keep track of whatever I want but I also can search others there that may have ideas I'm looking for.  Anything I find on the internet, I can "Pin It" so a file and refer to it later.  I have found so many DIY things to do that I now have a list of a life time.  As a matter of fact, the idea of painting furniture, especially after seeing the prices of, started me by picking up my $1.00 table and choosing colors for the bathroom and kitchen.  It's only pain so if I don't like it, which I really do, I can just paint it again!  I have also found out how to do things I like that I didn't know before.  I am currently work on some gifts that I will share later.  It doesn't require me going up and down a ladder or just standing there.  I need the rest.

What I am doing is getting ready for the holidays.  I want to have everything ready to mail right after Thanksgiving, only because if I wait I will wind up being late.

I'll share more later when I find or buy new batteries for the camera!

Have a great afternoon!

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