Friday, October 14, 2011

Worked on the Bathroom and needed a break!

Hi!  I started with my $1.00 table and started redoing the bathroom.  It was painted very white on white and actually did nothing for my Croscill shower curtain and bath accessories.  I used paint samples on the table but broke down and used Benjamin Moore paint in the bathroom.  I am very happy with it, although my hand (especially my thumb) hurts!  I still have to small brush the molding at the ceiling but I just had to get things together...I need to get into the shower, do laundry and clean up the living room!

A very bad picture, but you get the idea.

Need to 'merchandize the table and the rest of the bathroom...

This is actually after allot is done but I started by hot gluing shells to the mirror.

Love the "Relax" and how it just goes!

Nate Berkus shell filled candle stick; one broke so the shells are in a dollar store vase with jute string around the neck and holding the star fish and bigger shell... I'm loving it!

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