Saturday, November 3, 2012

Doing the Happy Dance

If you've been following along, I recently started cleaning up and out my shed and cleaning up my patio.  Allot of this were ruined due to branches hitting the metal shed and denting the roof, thus, when it rains,  it rains in the shed in some spots... so while in there I moved things around, looked for closed containers to condense and protect things... still work to be done... but made progress.

Then we got our dose of Sandy... NOT as bad at all as up north but a good tropical storm...and a small leak in my living room ceiling.  I thought about it but decided to wait till Monday to call but on Sunday while I was outside cleaning up some after the storm, Mal came over and sealed my patio and my roof!!!  I was so happy!  I was racking pine needles and cleaning up the patio... I had a box of things...signs ...lights... from  Ocean Styles that I have been waiting to put outside... and now I can!!

Before we go back outside, I just got a delivery from Ocean Styles that I want to share with you:

finger star fish

glass turtle

sugar starfish

This post has been a long time coming and obviously I'm not done.   So...
to be continued!

brought out my box of Ocean Style goodies

hung my glass float lights and signs

right by the door!

rest time!

More to come but this is as far as I got!!

Enjoy your weekend!

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