Friday, November 15, 2013

ARE YOU READY? Counting down the sale...

10 DAYS TO GO......I am so excited to share this year's count down for the Holiday Shopping with you.  I am so thankful that you will be following along and even considering my creations as gifts.  I'll be over the moon when you purchase gifts from me!!

I love the holidays and Christmas is my very favorite time of the year.  When gift giving, I try to give something with meaning to the receiptant that holds a special message, a special meaning,  a special time, we've shared.  I want the person to see it and know I gave them a part of me, from the heart.  So now, I want you to have that same experience giving my gifts.  I do my very best to create something that not only am I pleased and proud of BUT that you will be pleased and proud to give.  So, if you are reading this:

If you make a purchase from me and when you receive it, you like it... no, you love it and must keep it for yourself and need to purchase something else from me... use the coupon code GIFT ME and I will take 20% off your next item!!

So what else is going on during our SPECIAL WEEK?

  1. MONDAY: should be MERMAID MAGIC MONDAY!  If you purchase something from the shop that is a MERMAID, I will include FREE GIFT WRAPPING in the shipment!  If you are like me, you'll want to see the purchase in real life, so  instead of actually wrapping, I will include tissue paper, wrapping paper and ribbon, in the shipment.  Off to a complete start!!
  2. TUESDAY: TOP TEN TUESDAY!  Purchase ANYTHING from my shop and get 10% off your total!  The more you spend, the more you save!
  3. WEDNESDAY:  WISH UPON A STARFISH WEDNESDAY!  On Wednesday, I am opening up up a conversation if you would like a CUSTOM PIECE done for the holidays... Do you want it for you?  Do you want it as a gift??  Do you want a certain LATITUDE and LONGITUDE? NAME?  INITIALS? TOWN? BEACH?  The possibilities are endless and I want YOU to decide and be thrilled with it...WATCH FOR MORE INFORMATION ON YOUR CUSTOM PIECE!
  5. BLACK FRIDAY!  I know the sales the big box stores have are hard to resist so if you are out shopping on Friday, when you get home, pull out your list, a glass of wine, and see what specials I run during certain hours.
  6. SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!  Remember to shop your local small businesses and all the small businesses that you follow all year long!  If you purchase today from the comfort of your home, I will save you some gas money and offer FREE SHIPPING today, tomorrow and Monday!!


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