Friday, August 2, 2013

Design Your Life - Exercise # 6

Good afternoon!

My sleep is all messed up!  I go to bed tired and then... my eyes spring open and I am awake for hours.  As it gets to be the time where I say, if I don't fall asleep by whatever o'clock I'll just get up...then I fall asleep.  That's about how it was last night so of course I wasn't up and moving around as early as I planned.  I did get some of my errands (the necessary ones) done and I am back to post and then paint some work that is in progress.  I am looking forward to finishing these pieces.

Before I left, Design Your Life posted Exercise #6...

When I think about myself, without going into the long drawn out story, I think of myself as a survivor.  I have and have been told, good survivor skills and reflexes... and they have served me well.  So when I had to come up "with one word that means something to me"  and "use each letter to describe your design", I came up right away with survivor. But while I was out and about, I thought about it...

The words I used are:
  • sarcastic
  • understanding
  • responsible
  • vital
  • independent
  • visionary
  • outgoing
  • reliable
 Now there is nothing wrong, pre se with these words, but as I drove around, blasting my music, I thought about how many times I thought to myself that I don't want to be a survivor.  Not that I don't want to survive but I don't want to just survive, I want to LIVE!  And there is a difference...

The difference is, to me, that I have been surviving and getting by BUT what I want to do is LIVE... Live, Love and Laugh...Live Life to the Fullest, Love Fully and Do What I Love, and Laugh till it hurts, till I lose my breathe!!

 So now I want a new word....
how about MERMAID?  YES!  It's a Mermaid Life for me!!

So, there you have it.  Just like angels come into your life as friends in disguise, teachers come in as Mentors and teach you things you didn't know as well as things you didn't know you didn't know and you didn't even know you wanted to know. I am so encouraged going forward.  This journey has taken many twists and turns and I am excited to see the path before me as the journey begins again along the beach.  I am so much more relaxed at this time doing what I love to do and learning more as I go.  It's just magic!!  I am very interested in living, learning and laughter! It's a great way to keep from growing old and stagnant... and who wants that?  I am delighted that my brain took this twist and my life as well...I think I had to step back and remember that I am Designing MY Life ad what is it that I want it to do I see it in a dream and that's the path to take.

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