Saturday, August 3, 2013

Design Your Life - Exercise 7

Well, it is Day 7 of  Design Your Life!!

I'm pretty excited about it too.  I was stuck and now I am un-stuck!  I am following the new path and have planned steps to take to reach my goal.

Today's exercise was easier because I'd been working on the steps I need to take and Ms. Sherry's example fit me so well (like a glove):

She did my exercise for me!  Well, almost....

My rough drawing wasn't good enough for me so while I ran to the Hardware Store, I was thinking about 'steps'... there aren't many around here... everything is pretty flat.  So I took a ride along the river.  I saw a spot where if I was in the water I could have used some stones like stepping stones along the river's edge but not taking a picture from the shore.  It didn't work. So then I got to a park and thought these round orbs along the walk would work....

So, in order for me to reach my GOAL, these are the steps I have to take:

  1. research ways to sell my art ~ done
  2. decide on my name ~ done
  3. put together my Portfolio ~ working on already
  4. create my inventory  ~ working on
  5. send to sell ~ ASAP
  6. learn more ~ I am...
  7. replenish supplies ~
  8. create more inventory ~
  9. repeat steps 3 thru 8 ....
So now, I am working on my inventory and my current Portfolio... watch for what I come up with (soon)....

Do you have a Design (for) Your Life?

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