Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting ready for the Journey's Anniversary!

It is almost a year since this blog started and the Facebook page hit the road!

It has been an awesome year and I am so excited and so happy to be where I have been and where I am now... and now very excited to see where I go this year and where I will be next year.

So many things have happened that have taken me to this spot and so much in the works.  I am learning and doing so much more that I can not be happier... or maybe I can...maybe I will.

Every step this year has been a step closer to today, but closer to tomorrow.  I was recently told a story:
Just as elephants leave the herd and go off to an other area to die,   people go off into 55+ Communities to die...!!
Where I live, I can see this, but it is not true of everyone.  There are people here that have lived here full and part time for nearly 30 years.  Some are set in their ways and not very social.  They stay home and grumble about anything different that people want to do in the park as a community.  Then there are others that have great ideas but seem to feel that what they want to do should be what is done.  When someone else has an idea, they buck it.  If they are not in the center of it there is a negative attitude and vibe that goes around... and talk behind your back goes on.  There are no "cliques" but a certain group sits alone facing the rest of the group.  New people are moving in, who are interested  "living"  which helps those of us not ready to lay down and die, but have fun.  

It has been difficult seeing a great idea turned into something grumbled about I {think} I've gotten over it...and keep plugging along to have fun.

Another great thing is only recently... I started a new prescription for my osteoarthritis.  I can almost do a happy dance!  There is nothing worse that mentally being in a good place and your whole body screaming in pain.  It has been such a relief to be able to move around and do things.  Don't get me wrong.  I still feel the localized pain, I know it hurts and where.  But I have a new relief that my body isn't in a tight grip of a pain vice and I can accomplish things.  My big challenge: not to over do it!

I unexpectedly found some new furniture that I am very happy with for the kitchen and living room.  I donated some furniture.  I moved some pieces outside.  My patio over hang finally does not leak.  I have started setting up a seating area outside to chill and enjoy "happy hour".

I am still in the process of sorting and clearing inside because my next big-ish things to do is:
  • floors
  • make my new art studio inside
  • get serious about working with Sherry @Paintin Place
I am so excited to get on with those things but I have to keep in mind NOT TO OVER DO IT all at once.  To be set up a little bit better, would give me the perfect break and sit down and paint!     

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