Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 1, 2012 No Pictures!

Hi....  Although I am writing this on Saturday evening, it won't be posted until I find the new batteries for my camera!  Then I can show you some pictures too.

So anyway, Happy December!!  I love December and have always enjoyed every minute of it and especially Christmas.  I love to give... I used to be able to find that one special thing and then bust trying not to spill the beans before Christmas.  The past few years have been difficult.  Last year I made gifts but they weighed so much I never shipped them.  That's the hard part of living so far away...I seem to be and hope to be getting back on track so I'm hoping to get better at these things... we'll see.

Today was a great day.  I was hurting bad this morning and was using the cane, but I made it to the Pancake Breakfast.  It was good.  They had a good turn out this morning for the first breakfast and hope words spreads and there are more that come to breakfast on January 5th....2013!!  I enjoyed it.

Then I passed a friend's house that didn't go to the breakfast and stopped in a while.  She and her husband had been decorating since Wednesday and it was a beautiful Winter Christmas Wonderland, inside and out.  After hanging with them for a while, I had found my spirit and went home to start decorating.  

I started with the patio.  I'm still going through the containers in the shed looking for donations and/or garage sale things... so I'm just about or I think I'm just about done.    I'm still going to need to go through more containers to decide what I'll keep for inside and what to get rid of, so maybe tomorrow.  

Once I figure out the shed, I can start emptying my extra room into the shed to begin work on my craft room...first pull up carpet... then make a plank floor the color of driftwood (gray blue green).  I can't wait for that!

I'd also like to find (thrift) or build a daybed...just in case.  But that is later on.

So today was productive and a good is good.

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